Creation Hypothesis Geology

Creation Hypothesis Geology

Taking off the Shackles of Darwin

Roy W. Hutchinson

[With technology develpments moving so fast, my essay below written in the early 2000's is being authenticated by scientific validation.  See Abiotic Oil addendum below.  Oct 2011]

2Pt:3:8: But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Six days, six thousand years? Seventh day, a thousand years?

Creation vs Evolution

Over the years we have gone beyond the boundaries of conventional knowledge and reached for the stars. Since September 11, 2001, an incentive previously absent has been inserted into our need for energy independence from foreign sources. It is time for us as a nation and as a society to throw off the shackles of restraint that have been created by ignorance.

A Flawed Hypothesis

Darwin’s theory on the "Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" has kept the "scientific" community so preoccupied with trying to prove a flawed hypothesis since 1858-59, the truth given us by our Creator God has taken a back seat. Darwin's theory, at first blush, is at odds with the whole notion that there exists a Supreme Being which brought into existence all things.

Darwin Had a Problem

Darwin himself with concern as to the Primary Cause and more generally the existence of a God commented: "I cannot pretend to throw the least light on such abstruse problems. The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an agnostic."

Darwin's Theory

Simply stated, Darwin's theory is that things, and, in particular, life, evolves by a process which Darwin called "natural selection." But there is a problem? Darwin's Theory was dealing primarily with the existence of "life."  Let’s see what God says about it. Gen:1:25: And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Scientists are messing with genes and producing mutations of all sorts. But that isn’t the way it was in the beginning.  God saw that what He created was good. A form of transformation has taken place since the beginning, but these mutations are a reverse of evolution.  How did Darwin's Theory get expanded into the "physical" things of the world?  The evolution of the geographic and geologic world we see around us?  Could it be there is a "force" among us that would like to "eliminate" the concept of a "Creator" and creation?

By continuing to try to prove the flawed theory of Darwin, we miss the great opportunity to answer Darwin’s most important question. "The mystery of the beginning of all things   .   .   . "  This is so very sad.   And to think we continue to waller in the squaller.

Christopher Columbus Defied the Experts

We now have the opportunity to throw off the shackles of the theory of evolution and go outside the limits of current accepted discipline just like Christopher Columbus did when he defied the accepted theory of a "flat earth."  Columbus had the Bible available to obtain answers that led him across the ocean.   And we have the account of creation to lead us across the ocean of confusion. 

Experts, or Who Can Yell the Loudest?

In this age of the 21st Century, we have a group of influential people who have managed to force their thinking upon the academic community about how this world in which we live came into existence. They have created a "theory" of evolution in which everything we know and see about us is the result of an accident in which nothing came from nowhere and became something. These scientists [?] have become a "force" amoung us.  As in politics, it is often the ones who can yell the loudest and drown out or belittle their opponents who dominate even though they are wrong.  People of these persuasions will often dominate the thinking of those around them and like a tyrant who rules a nation or group of people, they will attempt to destroy anyone who opposes them.

The Circle of the Earth

In the days of Christopher Columbus, the scholars had the writings of the Prophet Isaiah available to them to clearly identify the "earth" was round. Those of Columbus day could have simply read and believed what is provided in Isaiah 40:22: "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: . . . " Tents are not flat.

Creation in the Bible

And today we have the writings of Moses available to us which tells us this planet was created. Not by an accident but for a purpose and by an intelligence beyond our understanding. These writings have been tested over time by the Jewish scholars of the Torah and those of the Christian churches. The Christian churches have compiled the writings into what is known as the Holy Bible. The books that were included in the Protestant Bible are those which were considered inspired Scripture and the term canonized is applied to them. The Roman Catholics added a collection of books called the apocrypha. The term "apocrypha" was coined by the fifth-century biblical scholar St. Jerome and refers to the biblical books included as part of the Septuagint (the Greek version of the Old Testament), but not included in the Hebrew Bible.  From these writings we find the Creator saying, [Isaiah 55:6:] Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: 7: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. 8: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. 9: For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.  It was when I read these words, I met face to face with the reality that in all my attempts to "understand" I would never have the capacity to comprehend all I needed to know to get the answers to "life" and the existence of mankind and the world around us.  But slowly, over the centuries and millenniums since "creation" we have been given revelation and the understanding we need to reach the stars.  With the advent of the computer our capacity to assimilate information has expanded at an astronomical rate.

Proof From Space

Because we have seen our planet from space, we can now confirm the meaning of "circle of the earth." It is "round "and like a ball and the heavens are like a "tent" which extend upward and beyond the surface. So those "learned" and assertive men of old were wrong. Yet they persuaded those in their day they were right and rode the wave of glory in their time. But who is this HE that sitteth upon the circle? Could it be the One with this unimaginable intelligence called the Holy One in Isaiah 40:25: "To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One. And vs 28: Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding."

Superior Intelligence

There is that word, God, that seems to scare all our evolutionary thinkers. But today, we are faced with the same kind of thinking that went into the "flat" earth concept. The idea that a "superior" intelligence is somehow involved seems to "freak out" these egotistical scholars because they can't believe there might be someone, somewhere that is more intelligent than themselves. As a young man on the cutting edge of the computer age and information explosion, I knew and understood a lot of "things" but I just didn’t have the answers when it came to life and this world in which I existed. There were two troubling questions. How did all this get here and why am I here?

Then I met some of the men who put the men on the moon and I discovered these brilliant men had discovered something very interesting. They had discovered there was truth in the Instruction Manual. It is called the Holy Bible. I had tried to read it many times but it didn’’t make sense to me. I even graduated from a Christian University and after taking a required course in the Bible which was taught as history, I concluded it was irrelevant to my living in this world. But these men had something going for them and my analytical mind began to work.

Along with many things, I discovered there are some sneaky keys to understanding what the account of creation is all about. And I discovered scientific evidence of the validity of these sneaky keys. They are scattered all through the Instruction Book, the Holy Bible. The most astounding thing is to find that the evolutionary hypothesis cannot work. But the creation hypothesis comes together as the sneaky keys are found. And the cornerstone is the Creator. Without the Creator, there is no foundation and nothing to hold it together.  Scientists today have come up against what they call "black matter" which they cannot "quantify."  Could this black matter be what holds all we see and know together?  And could this "black matter" be what we call the "spiritual" side of our existence?  I would direct you to the notation I have made in the ordering instructions for my book, God's Trouble Shooter, in regard to my "experience" while I was having a "stroke" on October 8, 2007, 11 days prior to my 80th birthday.  Our physical person with a brain, sometimes won't function, but our "spirit" person continues on until it is separated from our physical person at what we call "death."  Check it out.

Moses in the book of Genesis says it clearly. God "created." And he goes on to describe what was created and then how it was all changed when Noah came into the scenario. The flood was a major catastrophe and understanding the "before" and "after" makes all this mess and beauty of the results meaningful.

Understanding the Biblical Hypothesis

Understanding the Biblical hypothesis of creation opens up a completely different view of the physical world that exists around us. The bubble concept of our atmosphere prior to Noah’s Flood, and the catastrophic occurrences that took place at the time of the flood brings into focus the troubling issues of geology and geography we see around us.

1. ". . .for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, . . . But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground." (Genesis 2:5-6)

2. A canopy over the earth consisting of a bubble-like covering of water about 10 miles above maintained a rainforest type of atmosphere.

3. The canopy or bubble of water screened the ultra violet rays of light from the atmosphere causing a condition that allowed every living thing to grow to its genetic potential (dinosaurs, plants, man, birds, trees, et al).

Check Dr. Carl Baugh's, Creation Evidences Museum, Glen Rose, TX. at the following link  Evidence - Scientific Evidence for Creation - Crystalline Canopy Theory.  Also see Dr. Walter Brown's Hydroplate Theory Video.  Open the Creation Science Web site  and then go to the CSC Home page and click video "Fountains of the Great Deep - Hydroplate Theory - Dr Walt Brown."  You can also read his story following the video.

Yes the Flood was real. Understanding what took place makes it real if you are a present day Christopher Columbus.

One of the most important issues is the atmosphere before and after the flood. It explains how carbon dating is flawed.

An evolution or process of transformation has been taking place since the flood and the earth has been in the process of reaching a new equilibrium since the catastrophic modification of our atmosphere and physical features of our planet. This has allowed the scientific community to be deceived into thinking it has occurred over eons of time. Also, their hypothesis denies the Creator.

The Creation Hypothesis has always stood the test when examined with wisdom and understanding. When we examine the Biblical account, the deeper we dig, the more we understand and the clearer the account becomes.

The planet upon which we live is probably very young. It took many years to stabilize the new atmosphere after the FLOOD and there has been an evolutionary process at work. Life forms had to adjust to the new environment and changes were made by the survivors to accommodate the new climate. The earth is still trying to reach a new equilibrium as evidenced by earthquakes and volcanoes around the planet.

The atmosphere and physical features we see around us that have been attributed to eons of evolution are primarily the result of the catastrophic events described in the Bible. More recently, (December 24, 2004) an area of the Indian Ocean experienced a drastic modification of its physical features and a Tsunami resulted with catastrophic results. A closer event with less widespread consequences was the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption in Washington State. Eruptive activity at Mount St. Helens captured the world’s attention in 1980 when the largest historical landslide on Earth and a powerful explosion reshaped the volcano, created its distinctive crater, and dramatically modified the surrounding landscape. The flora and fauna was destroyed and "scientists" were proclaiming it would take "eons" for the recovery. Much to their amazement, it was only a few years and plant life had returned and was flourishing.

Many true and honest scientists are continuing the search. [see Abiotic Oil Addendum below] The deeper they dig the more they find that the Biblical hypothesis of creation is supported by scientific proof.

Oil Created by God

On a flight to Amsterdam in March 2002, I met a Geophysicist who explained how some hydrocarbon deposits that are trapped in the strata and structures of the earth’s crust were the result of the turmoil of the catastrophic event we know as Noah’s flood.

According to this consultant who was traveling to the Arab Emirates to direct offshore exploration for that nation, many oil and gas finds are currently being replenished from an active source from below the producing formations. This concept agrees with the creation hypothesis and the events of Noah’s flood which takes out of play the fossil decomposition concept (diagenisis) of the formation of hydrocarbons over eons of time.

The Granite Shelf

The area of the upper Texas Panhandle north of the Canadian River presents an interesting study of the creation hypothesis. For more than 20 years I have had the opportunity to observe the exploration and development of oil and gas deposits across this area which are mainly found in pockets trapped in the upper strata. These sources deplete rapidly.  I became aware of a phenomenon known as a granite shelf which extends north from the Canadian River and west of the Texas-Oklahoma state line to the New Mexico state line across the Oklahoma Panhandle to southwestern Kansas.. This granite has been considered the "bottom of the hole" by drillers in the area.

Remainder Reservior

The granite originates in the river breaks below the north cap of the Canadian River at about 15,000 feet south of Perryton and rises as it goes north and west to a level of about 6,000 feet in southwestern Kansas in the Hugoton area.  A research project by a conglomerate of energy companies was done some years ago in the southwest Kansas area.  Evidence was found of new gas in old fields.  The granite lays at about 11,300 feet in the Huntoon area where our land is located.

In our scenario, it appears the granite is found around12,000 feet in northwest Lipscomb county near Booker and is a portion of the granite casing which surrounded the earth in the creation model as described by Dr. Carl Baugh of The Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.  We have reason to believe that below this granite is a portion of the original source of hydrocarbons which are found in the various deposits throughout the whole area.

A well drilled in the Canadian River breaks south of Perryton found the granite at about 15,000 feet in a field of boulders.  As the formation slopes upward to the north it becomes solid. The thickness of the granite is an unknown variable but the granite boulders indicates it is a strata or layer which would be the thickness of the chunks. This is unlike other granite formations found southeast of the area in southwestern Oklahoma where the granite is found in the form of mountains. Suppliers of granite in the small town of Granite, Oklahoma quarries stone from the nearby mountains. There is one mountain west of the town which is solid granite but the surface appears to lay in rolls indicating that it was formed in a molten state. This indicates the dissipation of extreme heat much like a lava flow from a volcano, except the rock is not porous. These mountains known as the Amarillo mountains go underground and lay at an angle across the Texas Panhandle in a northwesterly direction. They can be located at about 1200 feet in the area of Shamrock, Texas. But north of Shamrock, there is no evidence of these granite formations. It is not until we reach the north side of the Canadian River that a granite layer is found.  Along the Wheeler-Hemphill County lines is a huge gas deposit and in the "step out" to the west along US Highway 83, liquid hydrocarbons are being located. 

What happens to these high and prolific deposits north of the Canadian River?  The Canadian River in the area of Roberts and Hemphill Counties is a fault with an uplift on the north side.  The Cap Rock demonstrates the "beak away" of the rock as it tumbles down into the valley below.  In contrast, the uplift in the Cimarron River fault in the area of Freedom, Oklahoma is on the south side of the river with the dip going to the south into the Gloss Mountain region.

The granite in strata north of the Canadian River in Hemphill and Roberts Counties demonstrates a different character than that in the Granite, Oklahoma and the Amarillo Mountains that traverse the Texas Panhandle underground in a north-westerly direction. The evidence of the heat is seen in the formations in southwest Oklahoma. The volcanic activity in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah along with the evidences of lesser forms of volcanic activity in formations known as Medicine Mound(s) in north Texas below the Red River and south of the granite mountain formations in the Lawton-Altus areas of southwest Oklahoma, has relieved the heat stress with stratigraphic cooling and dissipation of the heat. This has left the hydrocarbons under the granite strata north of the Canadian River in a useable energy form.

Downwash From Rocky Mountain Uplift

Much of the hydrocarbons outside these areas have been rendered as solids in the form of lignite and bituminous coal, e.g coal mines west of Trinidad, CO. But down slope from the mountains, after the uplifts of the formations squeezed by the sliding effect of the continents during the dissipation of the water in the "cooling jacket," a down wash of soils and rock formed in a conglomerate of stratification over the remainder of the relatively undisturbed granite strata of the Texas Panhandle north of the Canadian River. In the process, there were hydrocarbon deposits trapped in many pockets and layers of stratified rocks and soils above the granite shelf.  In some instances, there may be seeps from below which have produced some of the pockets of petroleum.

To further identify the "granite" or impermeable cap that exists below the conglomerate "downwash" from the Rock Mountain Uplift, take a drive to Raton, New Mexico from Clayton, NM.   The Mesa north of US 64 Highway and west of Mount Capulin, an extinct volcano, shows a "cap" of rock several hundred feet thick.  In the satellite picture below, the black area identified as "volcanic downflow" runs in an easterly direction and drops off into the conglomerate near the west state line of the Oklahoma Panhandle showing further evidence of the anomaly.


Prolific Source of Hydrocarbons

Oil and gas deposits have been located throughout the Texas Panhandle, western Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Panhandle and southwestern Kansas. One of the most notable is the Apache Key well in northeast Wheeler County with a field pressure around 16,000 pounds. In the early 1980's the Apache Key discovery of gas in Wheeler County, southeast of Allison, Texas resulted in major pressure problems. The Apache-Key well with the top of perforations at 16,082' resulted in a blow out that greatly depleted the field pressure. To shut it in, 1/4 section of land was dug up to make a hole over one hundred feet deep to the location of the pipe failure. After over a year of blowing gas into the air, the field pressure was down to about 6,000 pounds.   (October 4, 1981, after being shut-in for 78 days waiting on pipeline connection, the Key No. 1-11 inexplicable erupted, blowing the wellhead, 80 feet of 2-7/8`` tubing, 80 feet of 7-5/8`` casing, and 12 feet of 10-3/4`` casing from the well.  The Key was destined to be referred to as the biggest blowout in Texas history and to become a first in many areas before it was finally killed on February 8, 1983, when the Key No. 3 relief well intercepted the 5" liner in the Key No. 1-11 blowout at 15,941 feet TVD.) 

Photos courtesy Hugh Barton


The area has been a prolific producer of gas with wells expanded across the area into western Oklahoma and north into Hemphill County south of the Canadian River. This activity has been expanded west across US 83 paralleling the Wheeler-Hemphill county line with oil or condensates indicating good liquid production from the step out of the gas formation.. One oil field located in Ellis County Oklahoma at the confluence of Little Robe Creek and the Canadian River, straddles the river. This field has recently been revived as have others in the area by seeking deeper formations. [Nov 2011  Exploration is continuing with significant finds throughout the entire region.  We have signed a 3 year lease with Cabot Corp that could lead to the fulfillment of this major find.]

Crossover From the Canadian River

With the continued successful exploration of deeper formations south of the Canadian River, there are other successful finds being located north of the river in Lipscomb County in the Wolf Creek area east of FR 23. But the major production found south of the Canadian River is not evident on the north side of the river.  That is because the "remainder" source is below the Granite Cap.  The pressure of a recent gas well north of Huntoon near the Texas-Oklahoma state line south of an old oil field just north in the Oklahoma Panhandle has put the old gas production off line including a long time gas producer in the section one half mile north of our prospect.  But this production has a history of fast depletion.

With the deeper finds becoming more prolific south of the Canadian River, the exploration of the lower zones north of the river indicates even greater opportunity when considered from the perspective of what is under the granite shelf

The Impermeable Cap of Middle East Fields

I met an expert on the staff of Scientific Drilling in Houston, December of 2002. He was one of the drilling specialists. I discussed the granite shelf concept with him. He had worked in Egypt and several other places in the Middle East oil patch. I asked him in what kind of formation they found the high pressure and high producing wells such as those found in Kuwait where it was said the oil well fires set by Saddam Hussein could have burned for a 100 years and not have depleted the formation. This expert said it was probably because of the heat produced in the diagenisis (process of creating oil and gas) under an impermeable cap. Please note that he said, probably, because the academic concepts that are taught are based upon the "fosil" concept of diagenisis with heat and pressure producing hydrocarbons over "eons" of time. An impermeable cap is what we have in the north part of the Panhandle of Texas. The gas is directly under the impermeable granite cap at our location. A chamber below has trapped the gas above the liquid hydrocarbons. To reach the oil will require penetration of the gas formation to the liquid below. The pressures will be exceptional. So will the production.


Academic geology has developed a very complex stratagrafic nomenclature to identify the formations and geologic features of the earth.  In doing so they have "attached" an evolutionary time line to categorize the conglomeration of layers and strata in order to "associate" similar formations in various areas and throughout the planet. Their preoccupation with the evolutionary "theory" has allowed them to use a hypothetical expansion of the time line that encompasses "eons" of time.  This allows them to express the relationships of various formations and geological features in millions and billions of years.  I propose that the stratagrafic nomenclature is useful but the timeline is deceitful and should be revised to allow expression in terms of relationships on a "scale" that is determined as a "standard" established by a board of peers on the order of the American Petroleum Institute [API] for physical measurement of petroleum products. 

Addendum  Nov 2011

The following is extracted from the Mitch Battros Earth Changes Media Newsletter

Abiotic Oil

 ----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Earth Changes Media


Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 00:54:38 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: (Part I) Abiotic Oil is "Real" And New Findings Prove It

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Note: Coming tomorrow and Saturday's ECM newsletter: Dangerous CME, Sun-Earth "Weather" Forecasting, Asteroid 2005 YU55, and NASA Insults Astronomers: Coming next week: (Part-II) "Left Hand - Right Hand - No Hand" the behind the scenes true story of abiotic oil.This will be a three-part article.

There is an alternative theory about the formation of oil and gas deposits that could change estimates of potential future oil reserves. According to this theory, oil is not a fossil fuel at all, but was formed deep in the Earth's crust from organic materials.

The theory was first proposed in the 1950s by Russian and Ukranian scientists. Then some 25 years later in 1979, Cornell astronomy professor Thomas Gold, published a paper on the abiogenic theory in 1979. It was titled 'The Deep Hot Biosphere'. Now, on October 26th 2011 two astronomers, Prof. Sun Kwok and Dr. Yong Zhang of the University of Hong Kong have published their findings with the support of national and international astronomers and space agencies from around the world.

From observations taken by the ISOand the Spitzer Space Telescope, the scientific team analyzed the spectra of stardust formed in exploding stars called novae. They show that stars are making these complex organic compounds on extremely short time scales measured in "weeks." This organic stardust has the same elements found in comets and asteroids which had bombard the early Earth carrying organic stardust.

What am I saying? I am stating without reservation: "Oil and Gas Is Limitless"

Notice it was not the scientific field of geology which discovered this reality, but the field of astronomy and astro-physics. It was not from looking down - it was from looking up.

In my research regarding abiotic oil and this article, it became a "follow the bouncing ball" lineage. I have become familiar with this form of investigation. It is similar to my research for my books: "Solar Rain: The Earth Changes Have Begun" and "Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise." This will be detailed in (Part II) "Left Hand - Right Hand - No Hand".

All indications which is supported by scientific data from the 1950's, 1979 and today's finding, accumulate to make a powerful statement: So-called 'peak oil' is a myth. There is no shortage - but this leaves us with a question which is yet unanswered. Will governments embrace this finding, or will they bury it?

(Part II) Left Hand -

Right Hand - No Handby Mitch Battros - Earth Changes

In my research regarding abiotic oil and this article, it became a "follow the bouncing ball" lineage. I have become familiar with this form of research. It is similar to my research for my books: "Solar Rain: The Earth Changes Have Begun" and "Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise."

With "Solar Rain", it was doing what no one had done before. I simply brought together the worlds two leading scientific bodies - NASA and NOAA. I remember scratching my head trying to understand how the study of space - and the study of Earth could be so disconnected. I am dead serious when I tell you my interviews with leading scientists at NOAA hadn't a clue as to what caused upper atmospheric conditions. When I interviewed NASA, asking what effect does charged particles, such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and coronal holes have on Earth's lower atmosphere, jet stream, and ocean currents, they were once again clueless.

This in-part, is what happened with the discovery and understanding of abioltic oil. It was not until the recent discover and research of "space dust" created by smashing asteroids, comets, and planets. What was discovered is a set of complex organic matter which is able to reproduce itself in extremely short time scales in a period of weeks. Yes weeks; not millions of years, or millennia (thousands of years) or centuries (hundreds of years) or decades (tens of years).

For decades, researchers were relying on geologist, more specifically, petro-geologist to discover how, when, and where oil could be found and/or produced. Just as in the disconnect between NASA (space) and NOAA (lower atmosphere and ocean), such was the same between geologists and astrologists.

But what about the theory of abiotic oil being discussed beginning almost five decades ago? If there was a working theory that oil reproduces itself, why didn't oil companies and government pursue a new understanding to mediate the industrial revolution?

**The answers to these questions are in (Part-III) A Whole New Meaning to "Political Science"

(Part-III) A Whole New Meaning to "Political Science" by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes

Abiotic Oil, Politics, and the US Dollar

The US Dollar is backed by oil. In 1970, then US president Richard Nixon cut a deal with the O.P.E.C. Nations. The arrangement indicated we would back their "dictators" who in-turn, would be our sheriffs to enforce the agreement. The agreement was that they would only accept U.S. Dollars for their oil. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Hugo Chavez were all part of this US for oil agreement.

If abiotic oil is as plentiful as it appears, the US Dollar collapses and will default to international debtors. There are five proven places where abiotic oil wants to "rise to the occasion". The best known is in the Gulf of Mexico; the second is the Caspian Sea basin (Afghanistan); the third is off the coast of Libya; the forth is off the African coast of Congo, and the fifth is under Japan.

In the past twelve months it had become known, Muammar Gaddafi was going to disconnect from the dollar and accept a foreign currency for his oil. It has been said Hugo Chavez has made a deal with the Chinese to hold off dropping the US Dollar until China makes its move to change the world's currency.

A number of world geologists have surmised there is a connection between tectonic plates, subduction zones and abiotic oil. Some believe areas were mega-quakes (8+) have occurred (specifically off shore) produce "pools" of oil as a result of pressurized shifting. More clearly - the action of plates buckling under one another does not "make" oil, it only facilitates gathering spots which pockets the oil.

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