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In September 2014 we signed a new lease with a company whose focus is upon a strata in the upper zones.  We have reserved the deeper zone below the granite shelf.  The lease is for 3 years but has provision for releasing any zones not developed and produced after the primary term.  Also, any zones not pursued after bringing one into production are released after a specified time.  There has been a new well completed and producing one mile SE of our SE corner and other wells completed west of us 3 miles with sites being prepared to drill 1 1/2 miles SW of our location.  These are horizontal wells that are fracked and producing.

If anyone is interested in exploring the "big one" below the granite shelf, please contact me at phones below or by Email.  We will be happy to work with you to accomplish the ultimate objective of "IT's Deeper and IT's BIG" below the "granite shelf." 

For questions please contact us at 806-658-4878 or  Cell Phones 281-761-5153 &  281-796-6185 [These are Houston local numbers].  Office & Fax 806-658-2615

E mail at RoyHutchinson@juno.com

644 acres, Section 143, Block 10 SPRR Survey, Ochiltree County.  3 miles west of the town of Booker, TX.  See Home  Page for satellite views.

To locate the prospect 3 miles west of Booker, Texas,  click link line  below the map  "Click here to view map in a new window."  When map opens,  click "Hybrid" view  for overview of the farm and the Booker area showing the roads.  The SW corner of the acreage is on CR26 at the jog in the road when you zoom in to level 7 or lower with the Hybrid setting.  Move view to west [left] of Booker.

 Booker House

114 S. Azalea, Booker, Texas


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