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Re: 644 acres, Section 143, Block 10, S.P.RR.Co.Survey, Ochiltree County Texas,
                                                                            Roy W. Hutchinson Living Trust

We have an oil and gas prospect referenced above in the northeast corner of the Panhandle of Texas with production potential equal to many of the fields of the middle east, e.g. Kuwait.

With our need for new energy sources, the potential of this prospect is worth serious consideration. This prospect is located about 31/2 miles southeast of a new discovery gas well known as SCHULTZ, Lease No: 204606, Well No: 103, District 10 in the Huntoon Field, Lower Morrow formation. Additional wells have been drilled to delineate the formation and one well is less than 3 miles from the northwest corner of the Hutchinson Farm.  We have leased the upper zones but have reserved the zone below the granite shelf and are looking for a developer with a focus upon the prospect below the strata commonly referred to as the granite shelf.  A former course of thought by many geologists has considered the granite found at about 11,300' at our location, as the basement for exploration because of both the cost of hard rock drilling and the lack of geophysical data. Until recently, the technology for seeing into the hard rock layer has been unavailable. With the latest computer programs for filtering the "splatter" from the geophysical data, the residual energy can provide the proof of our "creation hypothesis" geology  that gives evidence of a "remainder" reservoir of gas and oil below the cap of the hard rock. This is much like the immense reserves found in the fields of the middle east.

Chesapeake Energy performed a 40 Section, 3D seismic program in our area called the Huntoon Project for which they paid both us and our farmer a nice price for encroaching upon our land and the standing crop at the time. We declined their offer to lease because of their focus on the upper strata. Even with the 3D seismic data available to them, the Lower Morrow formation was perforated after their excursion to the Chester proved unfruitful.  The Lower Morrow gas find has returned a handsome profit on their seismic project.  The completion of the Schultz discovery is a prime example of the inadequacy of technology to pinpoint potential producing formations even within the high tech advances of our modern science.

There is currently a "play" [summer of 2007] by ConocoPhillips and others in which many thousands of acres have been leased around our prospect.  We have declined several lucrative offers due to the lack of assurances for drilling to the required depths, reservations of unproven zones [strata & zones that are held by production after completion], inflexibility in their royalty percentages and unwillingness to negotiate length of lease terms. 


 Home/Office Phone 806-658-4878

114 S. Azalea, Box 356, Booker, TX 79005  --  Cell Phones 281-761-5153 [Preferred] & 281-796-6185 [These are Houston local numbers]

Above is an annotated satellite view depicting the area and location of our acreage.  Also, see below another overview of the area and Go to  Home  Page and slide  view right to see overviews of:   1.  Town of Booker and Hutchinson Farm     2.  Chesapeake Energy's Schultz Gas Discovery Well  in relationship to the Hutchinson Farm.  Interested parties can contact us by E mail at  royhutchinson@juno.com  or call our home/office or cell phone numbers above.  The exploration and development of this exceptional untapped reserve has tremendous potential for people who catch the VISION.                                    


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