Most people living in this world don’t have a clue as to why they exist. The author has examined the Holy Bible with an analytical eye to find the reason and purpose for the existence of mankind.

About the Author:

Saved through the ministry of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International by men who put the men on the moon. Served the Space Center Chapter as the first Treasurer. Met and married his beautiful wife Marilyn in the Lakewood Church and has ministered with her as Prayer Partners many years under John Osteen and his son and successor, Joel Osteen. As a business systems analyst he has examined the message of God with an analytical eye and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He has traveled the world with the gospel of a loving God with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and other ministries.

Author:  Roy W. Hutchinson


Endorsements:   Jerry Woodfill, Former Apollo 13 Warning System Engineer,  NASA 

When I met Roy, he was searching for answers to things that had gone wrong in his life. God answered his prayer for enlightenment and understanding when he came to our fellowship at the Clear Lake United Methodist Church. We took him under our wing and then to a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International breakfast one Saturday morning at the Astrodome Marriott Hotel in Houston. This book is about how God started his enlightenment and understanding and the revelations he has received as God the Holy Spirit revealed God and His love to Roy. Read this simple message and you will understand God’s Plan for your success.   

Jerry Woodfill

Designated National Spokesman to Christian Media for Apollo 13 IMAX Experience. Former President, Space Center Chapter, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International  Author of book, Space Acts giving the Christian perspective of the Space Program and What Really Happened to Apollo 13, 

For over 40 years, Jerry has been employed by NASA in Houston, Texas. Holds BAEE and BSEE degrees from Rice University. He managed the spacecraft warning systems development and monitored spacecraft Eagle's descent when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. On April 13, 1970, Jerry was monitoring Apollo 13's warning systems when the vehicle exploded. His warning systems was the first alert of the life-threatening malfunction. This technology is found in every space vehicle that has flown since and can be seen commercially in the operation of your automobile.

I've seen nothing else like this book!, June 25, 2005
Reviewer: Sue in Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
This easy-to-read book explains life-changing principles in the most matter of fact, down to earth way I've ever seen. Concepts with which many Christians struggle are made clear for the first time. In addition, the author presents some new revelations of God's word I've never heard before.
I've passed copies of this book on to many people - a new Christian looking for answers, a Muslim friend questioning the truth of Islam and a woman who has been a Christian for years but searching for more. I am thankful that I found God's Trouble Shooter.




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Miracles are still for today!

To update the reader, Marilyn and I moved to Booker on September 14, 2006.  We are living in the home in which I grew up.

On October 8th, 2007, 11 days before my 80th birthday, I had a stroke.  I had gone to the garage which is about 50 feet behind the house and was going to drive the car to town to do some errands.  As I walked up to the car and reached for the door handle, I dropped the keys.  When I reached down to pick up the keys, I couldn't close my fingers.  I forced myself to pick up the keys and walked back to the house.  As I entered the back door, Marilyn was in the kitchen and asked why I was back so soon.  When I "mumbled" trying to explain and showed her my right arm wouldn't function properly, she sat me in a chair and immediately called 911.  The ambulance is located on Main Street only 2 blocks from our front door.  Within minutes the house was full of people and I was being wheeled out the front door on a gurney.

On the way to Perryton to the hospital [15 miles], I kept trying to tell, Doak Bechthold, the attendant what had happened and all I could do was mumble.  He kept telling me to relax and about halfway to Perryton, I gave up.  But I could say "JESUS" and speak in "tongues."  So I did both.

When we arrived at the hospital, my doctor was there and ordered a CAT scan.  When I returned to Emergency in a few minutes, Dr. Betty told me I had a stroke.  There were two kinds.  One where there is a leakage in the brain.  The other where there is a blockage.  He said I had the good kind.  The "blockage." 

He ordered a T-PA (tissue plasminogen activator) injection and within seconds, I was totally restored.  They kept me in the hospital from Monday to Friday to "check me out."  On Thursday afternoon, I was taken for an "ultra sound" scan.  I was found to have "no" plaque and later my cholesterol level was found to be normal for the first time.  Dr. Betty said I was "clean."  I had blood clots behind both knees after surgery for installation of stents both in my aortic artery and my groin before we moved to Booker.  The clots occurred when I worked at my computer with my knees bent for long periods of time.  Kelsey-Seybold in Houston tried to put me on coumadin.  I took it for 4 days and realized it was not going to work for me.  I had taken Natto and Nattokanase, the extract, previously but had found the Natto to be distasteful and quit.  But with the diagnosis of clots, I resumed the regimen.   An excellent article can be found at

Over the years since I received the "baptism in the Holy Spirit" or infilling of the Holy Spirit, there has been the issue of whether signs and wonders and miracles are for today.  And the issue of "speaking in tongues" has brought about a split within many Christian churches.  But my experience proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the "spirit man" and the "soul man" [mind] or physical person, function independently.  For the sceptics, I hope you will take this testimony into consideration along with the testimony of my book, God's Trouble Shooter.

In Jesus Love,    Roy




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I was so overwhelmed by the waves of love flowing through me. A farmer from Belize was speaking and I knew something special was happening. God had set me as the speaker at a Full Gospel Business Men’s breakfast in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were listening to the testimonies of men from the Caribe before I spoke. When they had placed a chair for Jesus beside me and served a meal to the empty chair, I sort of laughed inside. But this feeling of love was real.

A man across from Dr. Monge had his head laying on the table. Jorge Serrano Elias from Guatemala was sitting beside me and started to bawl. As he got up and threw his arms around this farmer, he made a pledge to help mend relations between the countries. Then the man raised his head and said he had seen Jesus sitting in the chair beside me. He had his arm around me.

I have never doubted that experience and I want to share with you what I have learned. You learn to question everything as an analyst trying to find the problem and you apply all you can learn to succeed. God has His solutions to your trouble. As God’s trouble shooter, I want to help you find and apply His solutions to your problems.

I spent most of my working life as a business systems analyst developing solutions to problems for the large corporations where I worked. I became a "trouble shooter" and was always on the point of developing and using the latest technology.

When I became a Christian as a result of running out of solutions for my own life, I began reading the word of God, the Holy Bible.

When you read what I have written in this book you will understand what to do and how to apply what you have learned. The application of "mustard seed" faith the way Jesus intended will bring you a new peace. It will allow God to be God like He wants to be in your life. It will bring God’s miracles to you.



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